Feeling Training Fatigue? 10 Reasons to Get Hyped for the Philly Marathon Now

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by Jim McWilliams

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by Jim McWilliams

The Philadelphia Marathon is less than seven weeks away, you guys. Considering we’ve been talking about it since registration opened back in the spring, it feels like the intervening months have just flown by.

To get you through the final stretch of your training, we thought we should take a few minutes to remind you of all the reasons you signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon in the first place and help you celebrate all that you’ve accomplished so far. So if you’re starting to lose sight of your goal and need to refocus, keep reading. You can do it!

1. Because the worst part of training is behind you.

That would be running during the hot, long summer months, of course. Luckily, this summer wasn’t too swampy, all things considered. But still, running when the air is crisp is just So. Much. Better.

2. Because tapering is just around the corner. 

You probably only have two or three more long, hard runs ahead of you. After that, you’ll be trimming your mileage as you taper until race day. That means your legs and lungs are just about primed for the 26.2 haul. Caution: Don’t scrimp on your cross-training or rest days from here on out. You’ll need them!

3. Because your running shoes are now perfectly broken in. 

They’ve never been more comfortable, am I right?

4. Because the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk is now open.

Yay! New running route!

5. Because you can start testing your race-day outfits and gear. 

Now that the weather has turned, you can officially begin shopping for and testing out your race-day outfit to see what works and feels good. Think of this as your mid-training wardrobe-enhancement reward.

6. Because you can get your race-day mojo back. 

If you’re losing your training momentum, consider signing up for a 5K or five-miler on an upcoming weekend. The electricity of race day will without a doubt re-energize you for the final stretch of your training. Plus, you can use a shorter-distance race as an opportunity to work on your speed or pacing. Win-win!

7. Because the weather is usually ideal at the Philadelphia Marathon. 

Unlike the late-spring Broad Street Run, which can be temperamental as far as ideal running conditions go, the Philadelphia Marathon is nicely situated near the end of the fall, which means the air is usually cool, but not too cold, and you almost never have to worry about overheating.

8. Because Philadelphia comes out for this race. 

I’m not talking about your fellow runners. I’m talking about the thousands of people who line the course to cheer for you. Think about them the next time you’re considering calling it quits halfway through your long run.

9. Because can you think of a better Instagram opportunity? 

Maybe you’ll even submit your Philadelphia Marathon selfie to our #BWPSelfie of the Week series. You’ll be Be Well Philly famous! (Hehe.)

10. Because crossing the finish line is priceless. 

I think that about sums it up.

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