The Checkup: Why Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Are Pretty Much Irresistible, According to Science



• There’s a reason you can’t eat just one Reese’s: Peanut butter and chocolate together are a pretty potent pair, when it comes to flavor and smell combinations. Here’s why experts say you can’t resist. [Men’s Health]

• Running isn’t always pretty. Don’t believe me? Read this guide to surviving the grossest things that happen when you run. [Competitor]

• Stop fooling yourself: You do have time for breakfast. Here are 30 breakfast ideas for insanely busy mornings. [Greatist]

• Dang. Germany is laying the groundwork for a law that could bar employers from pestering employees—with calls, emails, texts—after business hours. And it’s all in the name of mental wellbeing. [Huffington Post]

• Why being a perfectionist is actually a really scary thing, according to new research. [Science of Us]

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