#BWPSelfie of the Week: “I’ll Try Almost Anything Once”

Our #BWPSelfie taker of the week, Julie!

Our #BWPSelfie taker of the week, Julie!

Welcome to our new weekly feature, the #BWPSelfie of the Week! Read about why we’re celebrating selfies—and the sweaty Philadelphians who take them—below. 

Name: Julie Hancher

Day job: Co-founder/editor of Green Philly Blog and social media manager of Freedom Mortgage.

Where she snapped this: Bainbridge Island right outside of Seattle, Washington. I recently journeyed out there for long weekend with my BFF and we decided to kayak. The next day, we explored Seattle neighborhoods by bike.

What she was doing: Kayaking and  casually stalking a seal, who kept showing off his backflip.

Total kayaking adventures to date: This was my second! I usually stand-up paddleboard (SUP) in the water, but I’ll try almost anything at least once.

How she likes to work out when she’s not on an awesome vacation: I always change things up so it doesn’t “feel” like working out. This past winter and spring, I was into Lithe Method; I run and bike (both to race and for the scenic views) when it’s not Polar Vortex-y outside; I do rec sports, like kickball, dodgeball and softball; I SUP and try anything else I can across. Oh, and I recently Columbus’d yoga.

How she stays motivated to sweat: I try not to think about it as exercise, but instead as a stress release, a chance to enjoy being outside and meet new people. Two of my best friends live within a few block radius so we motivate each other by running and biking together often.

Editor’s note: The #BWPSelfie of the Week is our way to give a virtual high-five to Be Wellers who are sweating up a storm, making deliciously healthy meals, trying new adventures, and having all kinds of fun in and around Philly. So we want you to send us your healthiest, happiest selfies—tag ’em #BWPSelfie on Instagram and Twitter, or email them—and we could feature you in an upcoming edition. To see our previous selfies, go here.

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