Discount Codes for Philly Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and 5K

Photo via Competitor

Photo via Competitor

Looking for an early fall race to add to your calendar? The Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and new-this-year 5K race will hit town on September 20th and 21st. The half marathon course includes four miles in Center City before ushering runners out to Kelly Drive for a lap on the famous River Loop. The 5K is entirely contained  on MLK Drive, with the start and finish line at Eakins Oval.

What do both races have in common? Live music—hence, you know, the Rock ‘n’ Roll thing. The 5K will be on September 20th and the half on the 21st.

Race organizers reached out to me earlier this week offering an exclusive discount just for Be Well Philly readers. And since I always have your back, I accepted.

The codes are BEWELLPHILLY5K for $5 off the 5K registration (bringing you down to $45), and BEWELLPHILLY for $15 off the half marathon (lowering the price to $105).

The codes expire on September 14th, so get on it, people. More info is here.

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