The Checkup: The Awesome Ab Exercise You’re Not Doing, But Should Be



• Just a guess, but you probably haven’t done this core exercise since you were in diapers. Seriously. [Men’s Health]

Avocado-stuffed meatballs are officially a thing. You can thank us later. [The Iron You]

• Here, a handy list of what to look for on your next vitamin-shopping trip. (Phew: CVS-aisle panic-attack averted.) [Well + Good]

• Nine nutritionists (including the dietician for the Phillies and the Flyers!) list the one healthy food they absolutely have to eat on the daily. And it looks like they’re nuts for nuts—pistachios and almonds, to name a few. [Women’s Health]

• Optimize your squat-time with this trainer’s butt-lifting tip. Hint: It’s all about how low you can go. [Shape]

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