The Checkup: The 17 Most Popular Foods at Trader Joe’s

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

• We told you what a Philly health coach hearts at Trader Joe’s, but here’s a look at what consumers reach for most on Trader Joe’s shelves. (Spoiler: Some of these items are healthy, some are, well, not, but all of them will make you hungry.) [Huffington Post]

• I would add to this list, of surprising foods that contain gluten, Twizzlers. Like, the licorice candy. I know, crazy, right? [Women’s Health]

• Don’t fall for these: 10 myths of juice cleansing. [Men’s Journal]

Whole Foods fans, you’ll love this. [Buzzfeed]

• If you’re not already obsessed with blueberries, this massive roundup of 56 yummy recipes starring the blue fruit will certainly push you over the edge. [Greatist]

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