‘90s-Themed 5K Run Coming to Philly This Summer

You did the Color Run. You did the Undie Run.  You did attempted to do the Electric Run. Here’s something totally new to try this summer: Pretty Fly for a 5K, making its debut in Philly in July.

The run is being organized by Red Frog Events, an event production company that also puts on the Warrior Dash, Great Urban Race and something called the Bacon Chase, that also appears to be coming to Philly soon.  Pretty Fly for a 5K is an untimed ’90s-themed run on July 12th that will start at Eakins Oval (course TBD).

Runners are encouraged to come in ’90s-era garb—anything you see in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will work—and there will be singalong-worthy 90s tunes blasting along the race course. Instead of swag bags, runners will get fanny packs stuffed with nostalgic snacks like Pop Rocks and Fruit by the Foot (remember when you were little and didn’t care about calories?), and Tang, Kool-Aid and Capri Sun juice boxes will be available along the course to quench your thirst. Oh, and you’ll get Slap Bracelets.

Sign up is happening here. It’s $35 through April 29th, then rises in tiers to $65 on race day.

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