Free Pop-Up Workouts with Yelp Philly in April



If you’ve fallen off the New-Year’s-resolution wagon more than a few times this year, here is the perfect opportunity to hop back on: This April, Yelp Philadelphia is teaming up with over 15 Philly businesses to bring you an entire month’s worth of free fitness and wellness classes. Yep, you read that right: free! It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

These classes come courtesy of Yelp’s Fit Club, and I’ve got to say, they’ve really covered their bases: Options include everything from BalletEXTREME at Philly Dance Fitness to RZBootcamp at Rowzone to Power Yoga Flow at Philly Power Yoga, plus many more. So, whether you’re a fitness buff or a gym newbie, you’re bound to find a class that floats your boat.

To join in on these free classes, all you’ve got to do is RSVP and show up at the studio. Check out the full class schedule and RSVP here.

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