The Checkup: 21 Ways to Have the Best Wednesday Ever



• Here’s something I think we could all use: 21 ways to feel better—inside and out—right now. [Real Simple]

• Admit it: You usually know when you’re going to overdo it at the bar. Heck, you might even plan for it. So consider heading off a hangover before it starts by downing one of these six hangover-mitigating foods as part of your pre-game strategy. [Men’s Fitness]

• The ridiculously simple thing you can do right now to motivate yourself to work out. [Women’s Health]

• In the spirit of spring (it starts tomorrow!!), everything you need to know about growing incredible tomatoes at home. [Organic Gardening]

• All the ’90s fitness looks from these Saved by the Bell publicity photos are just, well, as amazing as they sound. [Buzzfeed]

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