Meet Run215, Philly’s New Facebook Group for Runners

Hey Philly runners, once you’ve exhausted all of the excellent running resources and news here on Be Well Philly (ahem), and you’re looking to connect with fellow runners in the community, you should head over to Run215, a brand-spanking-new Facebook group for Philly runners.

It was created by local runner Jon Lyons, who, according to his own Facebook page, works locally with the Southern Tier Brewing Company as a beermonger. My guess? There could be some killer beer runs in the future for Run215 members—which is more than reason enough to join the group.

Here’s its description:

This is the (un)official page for Philadelphia’s running community. RUN215 is your forum to organize runs, post events, and connect with other runners of every level!

We promote a positive and encouraging environment whether you’ve run your first mile or completed your tenth marathon!


Based on the posts so far (you’ll see some Be Well Philly posts up there already—thanks for the shout out, guys!), it’s becoming a place for locals to find good running buddies and swap some know-how. I’m also thinking it’ll become a pretty stellar training resource as Broad Street approaches in May, so Broad Streeters should think about joining.

Join the fun over on Facebook and follow Run215 on Twitter.

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