The Checkup: The Easy Arm-Workout Tweak That Sculpts Your Abs, Too



• Because working two muscles at once is obviously better than doing ’em one at a time, try this: a one-arm shoulder press—with one teeny, tiny modification—that’ll whip your six-pack into shape in no time. [Men’s Health]

• The FDA really, really wants to get new nutrition labels on the books. Or, well, food packages. [Health]

• Easier than an Easy Bake Oven? This is food that comes from a printer. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

• Whoa. Disrupted sleep is seriously bad for you. A new study shows poor sleep quality can accelerate the growth of cancer cells. [FOX News]

• Yaaaay for coconut oil! It is awesome for your skin. Did you know? [Prevention]

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