Dress Yoga Pants Are a Thing (and You Can Buy Them for $79)

Photo via Betabrand

Photo via Betabrand

I am all about being comfortable in, well, all situations ever, but there’s some latent fashion instinct in me that tells me that dress yoga pants—i.e. “fancier” versions of yoga pants that could maybe, possibly pass for work slacks—should not be a thing.

Yoga Dork has a hilarious post about the new product, which is available via fashion crowdfunding site Betabrand. (Side note: This is also the place where you can get Vajamas.) Sites like this are used to gauge interest in new products and allow their creators to make refinements on design, based on feedback. The Dress Pant Yoga Pants (real name) at this point are 768 percent over the fundraising goal, which, of course, shows that the product has considerable demand. Meaning? I guess I’m in the minority here.

Oooooor … maybe not: “In theory, it’s smart: a pair of pants that feels comfortable but looks professional. But these are not cute—and you’re not fooling anyone,” says Philly Mag lifestyle editor Emily Goulet, who writes over on our Shoppist blog. “I’d opt for a pair of lightweight cotton pants with a loose fit and wider leg if you want to be comfortable at work. Or, if you must, you’re better off with a nice pair of leggings.”

For the curious, the jeggings-like pants are made of stretchy yoga-pants material (a mix of rayon, nylon and Spandex) and feature faux front and rear pockets, a fake zipper fly, a nonfunctional button closure, and belt loops to make them look more office appropriate. And, of course, they have an elastic waistband. The current model comes only in gray and is a straight-leg fit, but creator Sarah James is collecting votes for the next color and fit. Oh and lest the guys feel left out, they’ve also got Dress Pant Sweatpants.

The yoga pants are going for $79.20 and will ship in late February.

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