The Checkup: 6 Mini-Meals That Could Seriously Improve Your Next Run



• Pre-run fueling is so important, you guys. Eat too much or too little, and you’re sunk. Check out these six perfectly portioned, perfectly balanced pre-run snacks so ensure you’re fueling up the right way. [Runner’s World]

• This is one recipe that’s destined to become an instant classic in your home: homemade coconut ice cream with sugar-free chocolate sauce. Best part: It’s entirely vegan! [MindBodyGreen]

Shin splints are the worst. A doc explains how to treat them if you’ve got ’em , and prevent them if you don’t. [Competitor]

• If your thighs are your trouble zone, pay attention: These three at-home moves—which you can do in under six minutes—will tone your gams right on up. [Shape]

• Yikes. Looks like chewing gum ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. [Prevention]