The Checkup: 10 Surprising Facts About Fat (and Why You Need It)



• Forget everything you think you know about fat. Your re-education begins now. [Refinery 29]

• From the latest Lululemon tell-all: “At Lululemon, salesgirls are called educators and customers are called guests, a touch of class that helps to justify both the $100 yoga pants and the hours of life spent selling them.” [Salon]

• If you’re feeling the jiggle, try these at-home moves that’ll tone your thighs in no time. [New York Mag]

• This is awesome: The venerable Mark Bittman offers 12 food resolutions you can actually keep this year. [New York Times]

• Smart advice: How to eat “mindfully” (and what the heck that even means). [Well+Good NYC]