15 Healthier Snacks for the Eagles-Saints Game This Weekend



Having a few friends over to watch the game on Saturday? Forgo the bags of Cheetos and boxes of pizza, and whip up a few of these healthier game-day snacks instead. Now say it with me: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

Southwest Layered Bean Dip
via Eating Well

Use low-fat sour cream and cheese to make this delicious dip a tad more figure friendly.

Lemon-Drop Chicken Wings
via Cooking Light

These wings provide a great healthy alternative to traditional wings. One bite of the lemon-drop-marinated chicken and, trust me, you won’t even miss them!

Buffalo Chicken Bites
via Prevention

If you’re craving the traditional kick of Buffalo wings, try these chicken bites that are just as yummy without all the saturated fat.

Caramelized Onion Dip
via Cooking Light

Replace your typical potato-chips-and-French-onion-dip combo with this low-calorie option served with pita chips.

Saucy Asian Meatballs
via Taste of Home

Swap ground beef for turkey for these delicious meatballs that are only 32 calories a pop!

Jalapeno Poppers
via Eating Well

This healthy version of a game-day favorite is filled with protein and fiber. Score!

Black Bean Quesadillas
via Whole Living

This tasty and vegetarian-friendly quesadilla is pack with protein that comes from black beans.

Spiced Pecans
via Taste of Home

Take a break from all the salt and fried food with this sweet treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty!

Creamy Spinach Dip
via Eating Well

Made with low-fat cottage cheese, reduced-fat cream cheese and nonfat yogurt, this recipe will save you 10 grams of fat per serving compared to traditional recipes.

Barbecue Pizza Bites
via Cooking Light

These pizza bites—only 78 calories per serving—are loaded with delicious veggies that won’t leave you feeling hungry.

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip
via Dashing Dish

The key to keeping this dip light while still creamy: Greek yogurt.

Healthy Nachos
via Spark Recipes

Served with baked tortilla chips, this dish is low in fat and high in fiber without lacking taste.

Guacamole with Queso Fresco
via Whole Living

Flavored with queso fresco, this freshly made guacamole is healthier (and tastier) than anything you’ll find in a jar.

Mini Turkey Burgers
via Cooking Light

These mini turkey burgers served with Gorgonzola cheese provide a leaner, more sophisticated comparison to your usual burger sliders.

Low-Calorie Cheesecake Brownies
via Laa Loosh

We couldn’t forget about dessert! This low-calorie cheesecake brownie will leave your sweet tooth satisfied and your mind guilt-free.