The Checkup: 10 Ways to Become a Better Runner



• Running is a difficult sport to master, especially when it’s too cold to feel your toes. So here are a few tricks to help you step up your running game this season. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Could this information have come at a worse time? I mean, I was planning on substituting Santa-shaped sugar cookies for most of my meals this week. This ruins everything: A new study suggests that just one week of eating junk-food impairs memory function. [Women’s Health]

• Locker rooms tend to be pretttty gross. So, spend less time in them with these locker room efficiency tips. [Q by Equinox]

• Would you like some beetle larvae with your turmeric? Well that’s what you’re getting, whether you like it or not. Ick! [Prevention]

• Sometimes, I look in my pantry and all I  have is a can of tuna and some veggie broth cubes. Soooo, I order sushi. If you have the same problem, here are seven recipes, all made up of seemingly mismatched pantry items. Your wallet can thank me later. [Shape]