The Checkup: The Best Fitness DVDs to Add to Your Holiday Wish List



• From time to time, readers ask me for recommendations for good at-home fitness DVDs. Here are five of them. So stop asking. (Just kidding—I love your questions, dear readers.) [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• I don’t think your bedroom romps will replace your gym time any time soon, but a researcher in Canada says sex does burn a handful calories. Wanna guess how many? [Jezebel]

• A ha! Quinoa isn’t the only meat-free complete protein. Here are 11 others. (Pay attention, vegetarians!) [Greatist]

• Do you think this Lululemon window display is offensive? Residents of a Maryland town sure think so. [Washingtonian]

• All you need is one pot to cook these meals. Translation? Easiest cleanup ever. [Fitness Magazine]