New Wellness-Focused Reality Show Is Casting in Philly

King of Prussia-based Banyan Productions, which has produced shows for TLC, HGTV, Discovery and more, is currently casting for a new wellness-focused reality show called “Natural Reboot.” The show is slated to appear on a new network called Veria Living.

As the name (sort of) suggests, the show offers a total-life makeover for one woman (yes, women only—sorry guys) per episode, to “help restore balance to women who feel their lives are out of whack,” according to the casting call. Women selected for the show are paired with a team of experts, who help them make positive changes in everything from diet to exercise to work to home life.

Here’s the full casting call:



Philadelphia based Banyan Productions is producing a new television series for the Veria Living Network called Natural Reboot. The series helps restore balance to women who feel their lives are out of whack. Each episode pairs the subject with a group of experts who take them on a journey of self-discovery, reflection and positive action. Natural Reboot provides tools for internal and external makeovers in a healthy, holistic way.

Some of the topics addressed are: stress, diet, exercise, wardrobe, love life, clutter, over-booked schedules, etc. We are looking for women who want to share their life-changing journey on a positive, transformative, feel-good television show.

We shoot over the course of two weeks, but our schedule is based on yours. Our shoot days are not consecutive.

If you are (or have) a mom, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, best friend, coworker or neighbor who you think would be a perfect candidate for this show and she lives in the Philadelphia region, please contact me as soon as possible:

Maureen Schultz, 973.449.9023

If you want to apply, fill out this questionnaire and send it to the email address above.