The Checkup: 3 Energy-Sapping Mistakes You’ve Probably Already Made Today



• Here are some early-morning mistakes that can leave you feeling exhausted all day. Eek! I’m guilty of all of three! [Women’s Health]

• I wish Philly would adopt this transportation model: To get people hyped for the Winter Olympics, Russia has done away with subway fare, simply asking that passengers do 30 squats to ride. Seriously! [Greatist]

• I know you think you need coffee, but you’re probably wrong. Find out what your cravings really mean. [Refinery29]

• Whaaaat? Scientists are working on an alcohol-replacement drug that promises all of the light-headed, word-slurring effects of a bottle (or two) of wine, minus the hangover.  [Independent]

• Get your butt in shape (literally) with this 10-minute body-weight workout. Beyoncé booty, here I come! [Shape]