The Checkup: 25 Reasons You Can’t Seem to Lose Weight



• If those last five (or 25) pounds just won’t come off, chances are you’re sabotaging your weight loss efforts without even knowing it. But don’t get down on yourself! Read these 25 common reasons people can’t lose weight, then take action. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• This is your brain on exercise. [Outside Magazine]

• Here’s a recipe that promises to yield the best-ever low-cal pumpkin pie. I’m willing to believe it. [Women’s Health]

• Well, this is just scary: A new study found that an increasing number of women are overestimating their breast-cancer risk, leading them to take drastic action (in some cases, mastectomy) when they may not need to. [Boston Magazine]

• Love coffee? Do you love it enough to get a coffee-themed tattoo? These people do. [BuzzFeed]