Bicycle Coalition Is Handing Out Free Bike Lights Today



Thank you, Daylight Saving Time, for allowing it to be light this morning when I woke up; it made me very, very happy. Of course, the downside of the time change is that by the time I leave work this afternoon, it’s going to be pitch black. Sigh.

My bike is already outfitted with front and rear lights (not to brag or anything), but if you’re bike-commuting in the dark today, you might want to head home on Spruce or Pine and make a pit stop at Broad Street, where the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be handing out and installing bike lights for free between 4:30 and 6 p.m. That’s right—you now have no excuse not to have a handy set of blinkies on your bike.

Seriously guys, you’re practically invisible without them when the sun goes down—and besides, it’s technically illegal to ride lightless at night—so do yourself a favor and score the free lights while they last.