The Trendy Way to Stay Active at Work: A Sleeker, Redesigned Treadmill Desk

Rebel Desk

Rebel Desk

Newsflash: Desk chairs are so OVER. So what are you supposed to sit on at work? Well, nothing actually. The folks over at Well + Good have found the perfect office accessory for those of us who are tired of sitting all the freakin’ time: a now oh-so-sleek treadmill desk.

Some of you might remember Be Well editor Emily’s monthlong treadmill desk experiment last September (she’s so ahead of the trends). While she enjoyed the walking and working, it proved a bit loud for her office neighbors. And besides, the treadmill desk wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing contraption in the world.

Looks like the treadmill-desk designers of the world (that’s obviously a real job) have come up with a few improvements to address exactly those gripes. The new wave of treadmill desks, reimagined by a company called Rebel Desk, are designed look a bit sleeker, with either glass or teak desktops, and they don’t go more than two miles per hour, so you won’t be sweating all over your important documents. And apparently the motors on these puppies are super quiet. The actual treadmill part is made to fit under any standing desk, not just the company’s designs. So if you don’t like what you see, you can easily shop around.

So what’s the verdict? Will you be treadmilling in the office anytime soon?