The Checkup: 5 Perfectly Balanced Snacks for Marathoners



• Snacking well is an art. No really—think about it: You eat too much, and you spoil your dinner (or worse); you eat too little, and your energy level tanks. Here’s how to snack smarter if you’re training for an endurance race. [Competitor]

• Ha! Researchers decided if those goofy-looking, as-seen-on-TV Shake Weights were really all they’re cracked up to be. Well. Read this. [Runner’s World]

Yoga is for girls, weight lifting is for boys. Wait, what?! [Jezebel]

• This is just depressing: When a Washington, D.C. mom brought orange slices to her kid’s football game, none of the players wanted to eat them because they seemed too “healthy.” The dad who brought a bag of Doritos was a hit. {Facepalm} [Washington Post]

• Scare of kettlebells? Don’t be. Here are 22 terrific ways to use them for a full-body workout. [Greatist]