The Checkup: Gah! Your Boobs Are Older Than You Are



• Most of us need to tack on a good two or three years when we’re talking about the age of our boobs. (Because that’s something we regularly talk about, right?) New research found that breast tissue ages faster than other organs. [Jezebel]

• Well, this is different: A guy knit a 12-foot scarf while running the Kansas City Marathon, apparently. I guess that’s one way to take your mind off the mileage. [Deadspin]

• Is cycling safe? That’s a tough question to answer. [New York Times]

• If you’re training your first distance run, this is a terrific read: 8 lessons one runner learned from his first half marathon. []

• Preeeeeetty. Check out these gorgeous photos of yogis doing asanas in front of landmarks and scenes in London. [MindBodyGreen]