The Checkup: 5 Post-Run Mistakes You Should Never, Ever Make



• After a good run, you’re usually too tired to do much else. Duh. But these post-run mistakes could be costing you big. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• That “glass” of chardonnay you poured yourself last night might’ve been more like a pint. Studies show that white-wine drinkers pour way bigger glasses than those who prefer the darker variety. [Jezebel]

• You know when you bike to the grocery store and you have to decide between buying milk and juice for the week? Because, let’s face it, your handlebars canNOT handle both.  (I know, I’m hilarious.) The Boot, essentially a trunk for your bike, could be the answer to all of your beverage woes. [Refinery29]

• If you thought you were being super responsible by ordering that skim latte this morning, sorry to burst your bubble. Find out which “healthy” alternatives aren’t really worth the swap. [Huffington Post]

• Uh-oh, you guys. October is apparently the slowest gym-month of the year. So the next time you feel yourself succumbing to the lure of a cozy-sweater-and-spiked-hot-chocolate session (So. Hard. To. Resist.), use one of these motivational tricks to get yourself to the gym instead.  [Women’s Health]