The Checkup: Why Sex Doesn’t Count as Exercise

Sorry to burst your bubble.



• Aw, maaaaan. Despite what the covers of those health magazines tell you, you can’t really count your romp in the sack as daily exercise. Why? Because most sex sessions last an average of just six minutes, burning a piddly 21 calories, according to new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. If you somehow manage to stretch it to 30 minutes (go you), you’re still only looking at between 85 and 100 calories—the equivalent of a handful of Skittles. So yes—it’s back to the gym you go. [Salon]

• I would like to be eating this right now, please: pumpkin spice latte quinoa breakfast casserole. Click through for the recipe. [Healthful Pursuit]

• Useful! How to tell if your workout is too darn intense. [Women’s Health]

• People think I’m crazy when I say that some brands of bottled water taste better than others. (Fiji, always.) But I’m not crazy! Here, someone breaks down the right kind of water for your activity (seriously). [Q Blog]

• Someone set a new world record for the marathon: 2:03:23. Here’s how fast you would have to run to maintain that pace. [Runner’s World]