Introducing: Running Shoes Made Out of Crocs

I’m not a Crocs wearer, but if you are, you may be happy to hear that someone has apparently perfected the art and science of making a lightweight running shoe out of Crocs material. They’re called Crosskix.

Greatist reports:

The sneakers are 7.5 ounces (compared to normal trainers at 12 ounces and “barefoot” shoes at around 5 ounces). They are designed for running, cross-training, or post-workout lounging. Crosskix are also super flexible, and have air and water drain holes (just like their Croc cousin) so running through puddles and cleaning off mud ain’t no thang.

Check out this promo video from the creators:

The shoes are currently in Kickstarter mode (a.k.a. you can’t get them in stores) but if you become a backer you can score a pair.