Lithe Method’s Beginner Classes Are Free in October

If you’ve ever been curious about Lithe Method (i.e. What is a cardio-cheer-sculpting workout, anyway?), now’s your chance to try it out for free. All next month, Lithe Method’s 101 beginner classes will be offered free of charge. The classes will teach you the ropes of the basic Lithe moves and parlance, as well as how to use the studio’s band-training system.

The classes are open to new students and old ones alike, so if you’re a lapsed Lither—or even a regular attendee who just wants a refresher—you can totally sign up, too.

You can reserve a spot online after you create an account (more on that here). Note that classes are posted three weeks in advance, so you’ll need to check back in the coming days and weeks for later dates in October. When booking, select any of the Lithe 101 classes from the schedule, then choose “Complimentary October Lithe 101” to get the promo deal. Students can take up to one free class during October.