New App Helps You Find the Healthiest Items on Restaurant Menus

The new app that makes the healthy choice for you at restaurants.

Have you ever thought you were ordering something healthy, only to find out that you might as well have eaten a Big Mac?  This is how it happens:  You’re at a restaurant, huge menu in hand, and you simply cannot decide what to order. You want something healthy, but you can’t really tell what IS healthy. The server is lurking a few feet away, pretending to write in his notebook. But the menu is so long, you just can’t decide between the kale salad and the tofu scramble. Or maybe the vegetable stir-fry? Then, as the server approaches, you panic and blurt out, “I’ll have the veggie burger with cheddar and a salad.” Little do you know that the veggie burger is worse for you than a real burger. (And now you’re totally depressed—sorry!)

Never again, thanks to a new app by Princeton-based company Viocare. The in-development smartphone app shows users the best choices on a restaurant’s menu, based on their own nutritional goals. So basically, it assumes the pressure of picking out what is healthy for you to making dining out kind of a no-brainer. No more sweaty-palmed menu crises and no more accidental restaurant binges. And no need to worry about the info being off—all of the nutrition data is analyzed and verified by a registered dietician.

The app is not available to the masses, but the creators are looking for volunteers to participate in a pilot study testing the app at restaurants in the Center City area.

“We’ve learned that when you personalize the impact of food choices, and provide a platform to manage them, people will actually make decisions to improve their health,” said Viocare founder Rick Weiss in a press release,  So, once you actually know how much fat is in that cheesesteak, you might not want to eat it anymore. Or is Philly’s love for cheesesteaks an unconditional kind of arrangement?

Photo: Shutterstock