CrossFit Explained: What to Expect at Your Very First CrossFit Workout

Crossfit to Fight

I have some Facebook friends who are reeeeeeally into CrossFit. And weird CrossFit lingo that I don’t entirely understand aside, watching their transformation via Facebook photos is actually pretty inspiring. It’s not just how they look, either. I’m talking about old high school acquaintances who didn’t care a lick about sports or PE back then, but who are now doing insane box jumps and snatches like it’s their job. Pretty cool.

I haven’t officially tried CrossFit (I know, I know—it’s screaming for an I Tried It post), so if you’re in the same boat of curiosity as me, check out this super useful interview about what to expect at your first CrossFit workout. It decodes some of that strange jargon (WOD, “box,” etc.), and maps out the basics about how a CrossFit workout typically goes, so you don’t feel completely lost going into it.

Then tell me: Think you’ll give CrossFit a try?

Photo via Flickr user Arctic Warrior