The Checkup: 9 Foods That’ll Give You a Natural Detox

• If juice cleanses really aren’t your jam, hear this: You can totally detox your bod with food (solid food!), no sipping required. Check out these nine foods that provide an all-natural cleanse. [MindBodyGreen]

• It exists! Here’s a company making premium-quality workout duds without all the fancy (read: pricey) endorsements. Get to know Tribesports. [Greatist]

Should you work out today? This flowchart will help you decide. (Note: The answer isn’t always “yes!”) [Fitness Magazine]

• Blerg! A new study found that lots of lipsticks contain up to eight (!!) metals other than lead. [New York Times]

• And in the category of Things That Are Extremely Useful, I give you this: four ways to improve your running stride and become a more efficient runner. [Men’s Health]

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