The Checkup: 9 Energy-Boosting Snacks to Pack in Your Gym Bag

• Working out on an empty stomach is a bad idea, y’all. It won’t do a thing to help you burn extra fat, and may wind up burning muscle instead. To avoid running on fumes, fuel up beforehand with one of these nine easy, grab-and-go snacks that are perfectly balanced for a pre-gym energy boost. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Newsflash: Pistachios aren’t the lowest calorie nuts out there. That award goes to chestnuts, with cashews being the runners up. Check out this handy nutritional guide—fat, calories, carbs and more—for 11 kinds of nuts. [Built Lean]

• No it’s not just you—there really is a new juice cafe everywhere you turn these days. If you’re new to the juicing scene and are looking for an easy way in, here are the 10 best-selling bottled juices on the market. [Well+Good NYC]

• And now it’s time to introduce you to Soylent, a nutrient-rich milkshake-like drink that “frees you from the time and money spent shopping, cooking and cleaning, puts you in excellent health, and vastly reduces your environmental impact by eliminating much of the waste and harm coming from agriculture, livestock, and food-related trash.” Er, yum? [The Gloss]

• Have you had your antioxidants today? Here are four (non-wine!) sources of the antioxidant resveratrol, that magical compound found in red wine. [Live Science]

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