The Checkup: The Hydrating Beer You Could Totally, Maybe Drink Before a Run

• As we all know, the key re-hydrating ingredient in Gatorade and other sports drinks is electrolytes. Now, some smartypants researchers have added them to beer to make—voila!—a wholly hydrating brew. I guess we should all start filling our water bottles with beer, yes? Yes. [Huffington Post]

• Love watermelon? Here’s a reason to love it even more: Drinking watermelon juice after a workout can help relieve muscle soreness. [Women’s Health]

• A now for a word about how you shouldn’t wash your chicken before you cook it. (Note: This is in no way related to counting your chickens before they’re hatched, which you also shouldn’t do, Mom says.) [NBC 10]

• Since we seem to be on a bit of a muffin kick this week, here’s a yummy recipe for gluten-free carrot-tangerine muffins. [Greatist]

• Nooooooo! Why sleeping in on the weekend doesn’t do much—or, well, anything—to refresh your brain, according to a new study. [HuffPost Healthy Living]