Why Carnivores Are Digging Tofu

I’m not sure if we have Meatless Monday or better advertising or what to thank, but new survey data shows that more and more carnivores are going meatless from time to time, with sales of meat substitutes, like tofu, tempeh and others, now through the roof.

NPR reports on the findings from market research firm Mintel, which show that 36 percent of American consumers say they buy meat substitutes. And get this: Only 7 percent identify as vegetarians. That means a lot of carnivores are getting in on the meat-free thing. In 2012, the sales of these products totaled $553 million, up 8 percent from 2010.

If you’re curious about meat alternatives, check out our guide to four healthy, protein-packed options. Bonus: We even included recipes.

Photo: Shutterstock