New App Promises Perfect-Fitting Bras Using Only Your Photo

Loathe bra shopping? Soon, there’ll be an app for that.

An in-beta app and e-commerce platform called Thirdlove claims it can deduce your perfect bra fit by analyzing just two photos of you in a tank top. (You have to be braless, natch, so I’d avoid a white tank if I were you.) The technology, which was developed in consultation with a NASA scientist, uses the photos to create 3D renderings in order to calculate your exact measurements. Neat, right?

Okay but there’s a downside: As this tester explains, the app doesn’t actually tell you your size, so you can’t just flit off to Victoria’s Secret afterwards to restock your lingerie drawer. After the app determines your size, it takes you to a customized e-comm site where all the products are sized exactly to your body, and feature models with a similar body type to yours. The products are all Thirdlove-brand bras, which, according to the company’s press release, include “more than two times the number of bra sizes versus traditional brands, including half-cup sizes, at a lower price with far superior quality.” You’ll know whether or not they actually fit once you order them and they’re delivered, of course.

The app is still being privately tested so you can’t download it just yet. You can sign up for alerts here to be given a heads up when the app goes live.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Slightly creepy idea? Sound off in the comments.