Poll: Do You Stretch, Like, Ever?

Yes, I’ve made a lot of confessions on this blog, but today I’d like you to ‘fess up. We can call it catharsis, if you’d like. So tell me: Do you stretch, like, ever?

I ask because I am not too big of a health editor to admit (okay, I guess this is another confession) that I am really, really bad at stretching. I definitely don’t do it before a workout, what with all the studies showing that doing so won’t prevent injury and may, in fact, undermine your workout goals, but I have no excuse for not stretching after a workout other than that … well, I guess I’m too lazy. Ironic, right?

I’ve recently taken up yoga, which helps, but it’s still not an even substitute for spending 10 minutes after working out to work out my muscle kinks. So I’d like to know what your stretching routine is. Are you consistent about it? Flakey about it? Never-do-it-Achilles-tendon-be-damned about it? Take the poll below and share in the comments. Pleaseandthankyou.

Photo: Shutterstock