The Checkup: 5 Awesome Virtual Personal Trainers

• Need some guidance at the gym? If you’re not ready to commit to sessions with a personal trainer, try a personal-training app instead. Here are five good ones. (And check out Unite Fitness’s virtual boot camp, while you’re at it.) [HuffPost Healthy Living]

• Ladies, raise your hand if you did a half marathon last year. You’re among the record 1.1 million women who crossed the finish line, making up a whopping 60 percent (!!) of half-marathon finishers. Now, that’s something to brag about! [Los Angeles Times]

• If you’re considering a face lift, you might want to think again. New research shows that cosmetic surgery only makes you look two to three years younger, at most. Maybe it’s not quite so worth it after all? [NPR]

• Yup, you can totally get protein from veggies. Here, 10 great higher-protein options. [Blisstree]

• This article says these six exercises and stretches are good for new runners, but I’m thinking they’re good for all runners, everywhere. [Runner’s World]

Photo: Shutterstock