Bad Prom 5K Is Coming to Philly

I think 2013 will go down as the year of the one-off themed 5K race. The newest kid on the block is the Bad Prom 5K, an evening race which features a soundtrack of awesomely bad prom music and different prom themes at each kilometer. Some examples from the race website: “Take your picture under the trellis in the Titanic, enjoy a romantic Evening in Paris, bask in the acquatic glow Under the Sea, and be the hero of your own story in Fairytale Romance.”

The race is untimed, and you’re encouraged to dress to the nines in your very best (or worst, as it were) prom gear. The race ends with a big dance party—naturally.

The date and location of the Philly race haven’t been announced yet, but you can sign up for email alerts for here.