Lululemon’s Sexed-up New Teaser Is Confusing

Lulu wants us to "brace ourselves"—but for what, exactly?

Lululemon released a 13-second teaser last night that’s leaving a lot of Lulu customers a bit … baffled. The ad shows a handful of girls, from behind, stripping off their shirts and walking around in their underwear. The music is a bit come-and-get-it, and, yes, there’s some very blatant side-boob going on. It feels more Victoria’s Secret or Aerie than Lulu. Watch it below.

It’s fine—if a bit, off-brand-feeling—if Lululemon wants to get a tad edgier, but my big question is this: What, exactly, are we bracing ourselves for? I mean, isn’t since summer 2013 is, like, almost over?