The Checkup: 10 Best Workout Headphones

• I am very, very particular about my workout headphones. I once spent six months (six! months!) trying out different ones until I found a pair that suited me best. If you’re still on the hunt, allow me take out some of the guesswork: Here, the 10 very best headphones for your workout. [Mashable]

• And now for a (hilarious, fake) PSA on how to successfully pee in a pool without anybody noticing. [Blisstree]

• Did you know your fruits and veggies have circadian rhythms? Here’s how to read their body clocks for optimal produce nutrition and taste. [Q by Equinox]

• The Food Network’s Giada de Laurentiis shares her favorite summer salads. Now, if only she’d make them for me. [TODAY Show]

• How chocolate and avocado can go perfectly together (really!). [Guilty Kitchen]

Photo: Shutterstock