10 (More!) Healthy Chicken Marinade Recipes

East meets West in this spicy recipe roundup

Last fall, we posted a roundup of healthy chicken marinade recipes that, nine months later, continues to be insanely popular among our readers. Because we’re always looking out for your needs—and because you can never have enough good recipes at your fingertips—we thought we’d do a 2.0 version with even more healthy chicken marinade recipes to spice up your ho-hum dinner.

This time around, we found nearly a dozen marinade recipes inspired by international flavors. And so we give you, 10 More Healthy Chicken Marinade Recipes: East Meets West Edition. Enjoy!

Eastern-Inspired Chicken Marinade Recipes

Indian Spiced Chicken Drumsticks
via Honest Cooking

These made-for-a-picnic drumsticks pack a punch with Indian spices like cumin, cinnamon and fennel, which may have cancer-fighting properties.

Thai Coconut Milk and Herb Marinade
via The Yummy Life

Jalepenos, cilantro and coconut milk make up this creamy green marinade. Just squeeze some lime and pretend you are laying out on a Thai beach while you enjoy.

Chicken Satay
via Steamy Kitchen

Satays originated in Indonesia but these modern-Asian skewers with peanuts are totally worth adding in your Western diet.

Miso Lemon
via Azelia’s Kitchen

Where are my miso soup lovers out there?! Japanese cuisine aficionados will die for this chicken.

Shish Tawook
via Rachel Cooks

Besides the name being a fun one to say out loud (go ahead—say it), these Lebanese imports feature an array of flavors, like paprika, ginger and lemon.

Western-Inspired Chicken Marinade Recipes

Greek Salad Dressing Marinade
via Our Best Bites

Thank your Greek gods for feta cheese. This marinade includes red pepper flakes, oregano and lots of  yummy feta. Opa!

Beer Marinade
via Honest Cooking

Garlic, tabasco, mustard and some lager—this is going to be a barbecue favorite.

Skinny Creamy Italian
via Iowa Girl Eats

Because everyone loves Italian, this marinade with pesto is sure to please.

Tarragon and Dijon Mustard
via Kalyn’s Kitchen

Tarragon, a spice commonly used in French cooking, is the all star here.

Ancho Chili Marinade
via Huffington Post

Is Chipotle your secret guilty pleasure? Make this southewestern chicken marinade yourself and top your wrap with healthier options. Just stay away from huge dollops of sour cream.

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