The Downside of Going Gluten Free: Everything Tastes Gross

A local comedian's take on gluten-free diets

Did you catch the NewsWorks piece from earlier this week written by Philly comedian and begrudging celiac sufferer Valerie DiMambro about what it’s really like to eat gluten free? Nutshell: she’s, er, not so much a fan.

To wit:

I don’t need everyone’s constant reminders that everything I eat tastes fantastically disgusting. I know this. I’m eating it. All. The. Time.

What did I do in a past life to be punished with fake cake? People wonder why I don’t smoke weed. What would I eat when I get the munchies? Carrots? Apples? Lame!

Free from gluten? More like free from flavor. More like free from joy.

Her essay is funny and maybe a tad sad. Read it here.

I want to hear from you gluten-free eaters: Does everyone go through a GF learning curve, during which time you eat a lot of gross things until you find the good stuff? Does it get better? Tell us in the comments.