The Checkup: 15 Annoying Things Not to Do at the Gym

Attention, everyone: Please consider this your official reminder.

• It’s always a good exercise, every once in awhile, to take a minute and remind everyone of things they shouldn’t do at the gym. Things like, blatantly staring at the screen of the person next to you on the treadmill. Or grunting really, really loudly just to prove that you’re really, really working out. So in the name of public service, I give you: 15 bad habits of highly annoying gym-goers. (And by all means, share in the comments which ones you’re guilty of, or what you’d add to the list.) [Women’s Health]

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• If you can’t seem to focus on, well, anything at work, here’s why: It’s called Summer Brain, and we’ve all had it since we were kids. (Though, somehow, I don’t think your boss will find it amusing.) [Jezebel]

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• Ladies with buns in the oven should not give up working out, two new studies confirm. Why? Because exercise lowers pregnancy risks. [Runner’s World]