We Want It Now: 9 Super Fun Fitness Classes that Haven’t Hit Philly Yet

From indoor surfing to underwater Spinning, here are the hot classes we need in Philly

Can we get SurfSET Fitness here? Pretty please? Photo via Facebook

Okay, okay, so Philly’s already got a lot of great fitness classes: striptease aerobics, circus-style trapeze, yoga on a paddleboard, even bowling for fitness. Still, we can’t help but feel green with envy when we see all the awesome fitness options lucky residents of other cities get to have right at their fingertips. Here, I found nine super fun classes that should come to our city ASAP. What would you add to the list?

Check out my picks below.

SurfSET Fitness, Multiple locations.

Indoor surfing aims to provide the benefits of a good surf without getting wet, which is perfect, considering Philly isn’t exactly known for it’s waves. The class uses a stationary surf machine armed with resistance bands to simulate paddling on the open water. It’s an effective workout, too: Just one session burns between 450 and 800 calories. Totally gnarly, bro!

There are a few studios on the Jersey Shore (in Ocean City and Cape May) that offer SurfSET classes and private sessions, which is all well and good when you’re down there during the summer. But we want one in Philly—preferably in Center City for the easiest commute. K?

Trivia Training, New York Sports Clubs, NYC.

This class promises to make boot camp classes that much more tolerable while helping to satisfy the competitive streak in all of us. This boot-camp-meets-quiz-show classes separates students into teams which have to answer tricky trivia questions. Depending on whether or not the team answers correctly, the workout “reward” or “punishment” ranges from mild jumping jacks to difficult burpees. Now that’s motivation!

JumpDance, JumpLife Studio, NYC.

The neon lights, disco balls, and club music makes it official- trampoline’s aren’t just kid’s stuff anymore. JumpDance is 45-minutes of intense cardio on a personal trampoline, making for a low-impact and fantastically fun workout.

So alright, there’s already a trampoline scene here in Philly thanks SkyZone and Sweat Fitness, but JumpDance trumps them all. Trust me.

The Reinvention Method, Chaise 23 and Physicalmind Studio, NYC.

Standard weight machines are old news. Exercise fanatics, meet the Reinvention Fitness Chair. The machine combines weights, bungee cords, and Pilates moves to help build a toned and lean body—not bulk. Two things are true: 1) This class proves you can get fit while you sit, and 2) We need it in Philly. Pronto.

Pound, Multiple locations.

If you thought it would be cool to be a rockstar as a kid (or, you know, if you’re still holding on to that dream), then it’s time to demand that Pound come to Philly. The next best thing to the live stage, Pound centers around drumsticks (or Ripstix, as they’re called), which are beaten against various surfaces an estimated 15,000 times per class. Each 45-minute “jam session” incorporates tough cardio and strength training, making for a major fat burner at 600 to 900 calories per hour. (Ed. note: This reminds me of Stomp. Did any other children of the ’80s or ’90s go to a Stomp show? I’m fairly certain I went to three, and we also had a Stomp videotape.)

Aqua Cycling, Aqua Studio, NYC.

If you think completing a Spin class is tough enough, try doing it four feet under water. Aqua Cycling has all the classic hallmarks of an average indoor cycling class—rows of bikes, upbeat music, intense instructors—plus the added bonus of a pool. The water lends greater resistance to peddling, lessens pressure on joints, and supposedly fights cellulite better than your average on-land workout. The sessions also incorporate treading water and crunches on the bikes, moves that are only possible in H2O.

Karaoke Cycling, Crunch Gym, Multiple locations.

Put down the beer, karaoke-lovers. Being drunk at a dive bar is no longer the only time you can comfortably belt out your favorite guilty-pleasure tunes: Now there’s a spin class for that. Karaoke Cycling instructors allow bikers to sing solos or duets to the musical stylings of Beyoncé, Britney and MJ (plus other favorites) following lyrics projected at the front of the class. The singing isn’t just for fun: It also helps burn around 40 extra calories per hour.

Doga, Multiple locations.

Doga (noun): the practice of yoga by dogs. See picture.

I’m not sure if I would actually partake in this activity, but it sure looks hilarious. Owners and canines have a chance to get their stretch and relax on using yoga poses, like downward-facing dog (natch). The class finishes up with chanting at a pitch that dogs can mimic.

Forza,  Equinox, Multiple locations.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill makes having samurai-sword skills totally sexy. But did you know it’s also a major fitness fad? Forza, a sword fighting/martial arts workout, teaches the basics of sword handling and makes for a great upper body and core workout. The class boasts huge mental benefits as well by boosting concentration and self-awareness to help achieve a true warrior state by the end. Real blades aren’t used (the swords are wooden), so there’s no risk of loosing a limb in this class.