Unite Fitness Decathlon Is Back for a Second Year (and We Have a Promo Code!)

Registration is now open

If you’re looking for a serious challenge this fall, check out the Unite Fitness Decathlon, which is coming back for a second run in October. One change to note: It’s moving from the Wissahickon out to Wrightstown in Bucks County, where there will be parking galore (woo!).

The event includes 10 fitness challenges and a 10K run. To help with pacing and avoid bottlenecks, groups start in 15-person waves every 10 minutes. The fitness challenges include box jumps, rope slams, thrusters, bench dips and more. Participants will complete the fitness challenges before heading out on the trail run. Some of the total 10K distance includes running from fitness challenge to fitness challenge, but you end the decathlon with a 5K trail run to the finish, where a finish-line part awaits you. Check out the course here.

Participants can complete the course solo or as part of a relay team. You’re free to skip any challenges you aren’t up to, but only those who complete all challenges plus the run will be eligible for competitive ranking. Relay teams may have between two and five participants.

Registration just opened today and is set at $45 through July 31st. It goes up incrementally from there, hitting $75 in October. So yes, it’s best to register early.

Our friends at Unite were kind enough to provide Be Well readers with a special discount. Enter the code BEWELLPHILLY at checkout to score 10 percent off the registration fee. Register here. And check out our review of last year’s Unite Fitness Decathlon here.