The Checkup: How to Make Your Own Fruit-Infused Water

Lay off the sugary bottled stuff. Here's how to infuse water with yummy natural flavors at home.

• If you’re leery of those bottled flavored-waters on steroids (do we really need to add chemicals and vitamins to our water?) but still want a little zing in your glass, here’s an idea: Make your own flavored water at home. Check out these four yummy fruit-and-herb combos you can add to your water to make flavor-packed agua at home. [Greatist]

• You know how at races you’re always just a wee bit nervous to drop your stuff off at the gear-check tent? Like, who’s to guarantee no one will rifle through your stuff when you’re not watching? Now, there’s a fix for that: portable locker rooms, pop-up spaces at races and other events where you can stow your stuff safely. [Boston Magazine]

• OMG, runners! There’s a new product called NeverWet that could protect your sneaks from all manner of inclement weather. It looks so magical! [AdWeek]

• Why you shouldn’t cut the umbilical cord (at least, not for the first minute of your kid’s life). [New York Times]

• Did someone just figure out what causes cancer? []

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