The Checkup: Where Your Calories Are Coming From

A new study looked at Americans' daily calorie sources. It's not too pretty.

• Ever wonder where, exactly, your daily calories are coming from? Researchers just figured out, on a grand scale, the top calorie sources for over 22,000 Americans who participated in the five-year National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. And—surprise, surprise—it ain’t pretty. Click through to see where adults in our country get the lion’s share of their daily calories. (Hint: Soda and bread play a starring role.) [Prevention]

• All hail books! New research found that a lifelong reading habit can help stave off dementia. Now, where did I put that summer reading list? [HealthDay]

• Mirror, mirror on the wall: A new drinking mirror app shows you what you’ll look like in 10 years if you drink too much, too often, now. [The Gloss]

• In the category of Things You Need, here’s budge-proof, sweat-proof makeup advice, perfect for the stinking hot summer we’re having lately. [Fitness Magazine]

• Give your grill a workout. Here, 10 delicious, healthy foods you can grill up for dinner this week. [Well + Good NYC]

Photo: Shutterstock