The Checkup: 10 Health-Wrecking Foods to Avoid at All Costs

Read this before you eat anything today.

• Drop that bagel! Here are 10 foods packed with preservatives, trans fat, sugar and sodium that health experts say you should avoid. [Fitness Magazine]

• Why calorie counts on menus only help us to be smarter eaters sometimes. Sigh. [New York Times]

• The ultimate chemical-free facial cleanser: olive oil? It’s true. [MindBodyGreen]

• Not sold on the whole protein-powder thing? Here are other protein sources your body might like better. [Men’s Health]

• You might know what SPF stands for (sun protection factor, of course), but do you know what it actually means? Bone up on your skin smarts with this handy sun protection FAQ. [Jefferson University Hospitals]

Photo: Shutterstock