To Do: Soundtrack Saturday at the Yoga Garden

Spice up your Vinyasa routine with the tunes of Beyonce, Janet and some of your other favorite pop divas

This is seriously one of the best fitness-class ideas I’ve ever heard. Think how much longer you’ll be able to hold your tree pose, how much stronger you’ll feel in your down dog, and how effortless those chaturanga will be when the empowering words of Beyoncé are blasting in your ear. Am I right?

In this special class taught by Brittany Policastro, yoga will finally be introduced to your favorite workout songs, and I’ve never been more excited. The exact playlist hasn’t been released, but you can expect to hear songs from female songstresses like Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, and, of course, Queen Bey. For more info, go here.

$16, June 8th, 10:30 a.m. to noon., The Yoga Garden, 903 South Street, Philadelphia.

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