The Checkup: 56 Ways to Healthify a Hamburger

Dozens of healthy burger recipes to last all summer long.

• Happy unofficial start of summer, everyone! If you didn’t get your fill of fresh-grilled hamburgers over the weekend, may I point you toward these 56 recipes for healthier burgers? You’re welcome. [Greatist]

• As if you need them, here are five really good reasons to kick your soda habit to the curb. [Blisstree]

• While multitasking certainly has its place, you shouldn’t do it while on the treadmill. A new study found that texting while running absolutely, positively kills your workout. [Runner’s World]

• Ladies, it’s a good idea to get to know your girls. A new study found that 40 percent of women who have dense breasts have no idea they have dense breasts. Why does it matter? Because women with dense breasts have a four to five time greater risk of breast cancer. Click through to find out if you’re at risk and what to do about it. [Prevention]

• How good are you at estimating calories? Take this quiz to find out. []

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